AKA Taxes & Finances

AKA Taxes & Finances is located in Houston, Texas. The owner is Melissa Whaley, who has five employees and $434,100 in sales. While many small businesses fail to keep track of their taxes, Melissa’s success is proof that it is possible to grow a small business and still meet your personal goals. Whether you have a creative online business or a small brick-and-mortar store, this virtual tax advisor can help you.

AKA Taxes & Finances

Melissa Whaley is a virtual tax advisor for online and creative businesses

If you’re running an online or creative business, you may have questions about taxes. Melissa Whaley, a virtual tax advisor for online and creative businesses, can help you navigate these nebulous waters. Melissa has been nerding out about taxes for 10 years. She shares her experiences as a digital product seller to give you the inside scoop on taxes for business owners. You’ll get tips and advice on everything from sales tax by state planning to navigating those pesky IRS letters.

AKA Taxes & Finances

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