AliExpress’ “Cainiao Super Economy Global” Shipping Reviews

AliExpress’ “Cainiao Super Economy Global” shipping reviews. You may have noticed the variety of shipping methods offered by Chinese logistics company Cainiao.

Today we will be analyzing Cainiao Super Economy Global, a shipping method that is increasingly used on AliExpress, and we have received some of your questions.

Cainiao Super Economy Global

We also compare it to some popular AliExpress shipments that are often offered as an alternative to this shipping method. So you know how to choose the shipping method that works best for you.

What is the Cainiao Super Economy Global?

It is an inexpensive (usually free or low-cost) method of shipping for low-value items (under $5).

It is a regular shipment and does not require tracking, but its main advantage is that it is compatible with combined shipments. We’ll tell you more later.


It’s important to note that this is a regular shipment, so you won’t be able to track it once it arrives in your country.

You will see that tracking stops when the order arrives in your country and only resumes when the package is delivered by the postman.

How Long Does This Shipment Take?

Estimated delivery time is 30-60 days, although this is a guide date provided by AliExpress for you to know. It’s normal for your purchases to arrive faster due to their improved shipping.

If you choose combined shipping, your order will arrive earlier.

Don’t know what AliExpress combined shipping is? Here we explain what it is:

What Is The Combined Delivery That They Provide Me In This Shipment?

If you ship globally via Cainiao Super Economy, and it’s also marked “Combined Shipping by AliExpress”, you can choose to combine multiple orders together (as long as the other items are marked with Combined Shipping and the total order is over $5).

The advantage of combined shipping is that your orders are shipped faster and take significantly less time to get home.

Advantages Of Using Combined Delivery

If you’re planning to buy multiple cheap items and don’t want to wait that long to get them, choosing it is a good option because once you choose Combined Shipping, your order becomes a priority.

Plus, you can have everything in one package and only worry about one package.

We also have an article where we explain everything related to AliExpress joint delivery in more detail.

Opinions About Cainiao Super Economy Global

As we’ve already told you, sellers often offer this shipping method for free or very cheap, so we recommend that you choose it before thinking about paying more for another shipment and making the cheaper item more expensive.

The downside of it is the longer distance to your country as it is cheap and usually not delivered quickly.

Regardless, remember that if you have any issues, you always have AliExpress support to claim your money.

Cainiao Super Economy Global

Cainiao Super Economy Global & The Other Shipping Methods.

What if the seller has 2 shipping methods and both are free?

Now let’s compare Cainiao Super Economy Global with other well liked shipping methods on AliExpress:

Cainiao Super Economy Global & AliExpress Standard Shipping

We can say that AliExpress Standard Shipping is one of the most dependable and fastest methods on AliExpress.

The reason?

AliExpress directly manages AliExpress standard shipping through its arrangements with several Chinese couriers and couriers in your country.

This shipment is certified, so you can always control your purchase, and you must sign for the courier to deliver it to you.

Which one is better?

In short, AliExpress Standard Shipping is a very safe way to work so well that it has few competitors to shame.

Cainiao Super Economy Global

Cainiao Super Economy Global & AliExpress Saver Shipping

Both shipping methods are normal, so you don’t need to sign anything for the courier to deliver your order (it will stay directly in your mailbox most of the time).

The best thing about AliExpress Saver Shipping is that it offers tracking (though it’s not certified, and you don’t need a signature to deliver), so you always know where you bought it.

Which one is better?

Although estimated delivery times are very similar, AliExpress Saver Shipping is the best option if you know where your order is going and when it will be delivered.

Cainiao Super Economy Global & Cainiao Standard for Special Goods

Cainiao Special Cargo Standard is certified cargo, which is also handled by Cainiao.

Which one is better?

The fact that it is only certified makes the Cainiao Special Commodity Standard a safer shipping method (and a faster method) than Cainiao Super Economy Global.

We have come to the end of our content about AliExpress’ “Cainiao Super Economy Global” Shipping Reviews. You can do a Google-based search to do more detailed research about the contents of our site. We recommend that you also read the last article in our Finance category, What Is The Brick Economy?

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