An Overview of UKEF and Its Role in the International Trade System

An Overview of UKEF and Its Role in the International Trade System, UKEF is a network of export credit agencies that promotes UK domestic exports. It competes with over 110 export credit agencies around the world, including many that are non-OECD members. It offers guarantees and insurance to banks that provide credit to exporters and companies. Learn about UKEF’s mission and benefits. And, get ready for more export business opportunities. This article provides an overview of UKEF and its role in the international trade system.

UKEF is one of over 110 export credit agencies (ECAs) operating to promote domestic exports

The UKEF is a vital part of the new government’s export strategy, but it needs more export business to grow. It currently has PS22bn in committed headroom, and is still seeking new export business. In order to achieve this goal, UKEF must ensure that its product range remains strong and competitive. It is currently operating in five sectors, but has a diverse portfolio of support.

It competes with non-OECD participants

The UKEF is an international trade finance facility, and is subject to government policy and performance targets. In the last five years, UKEF has received the largest amount of financial support, primarily in the oil and defence sectors. It also has some non-OECD members, such as the UAE and Qatar. It is a global player in the trade finance sector, but is still subject to strict rules that apply to non-OECD countries.

It offers insurance to exporters

A good export credit insurance policy will protect your business from a variety of risks, including non-payment of your goods from overseas customers. This product protects your business against loss due to non-payment by foreign customers and can help you extend competitive terms of 180 or 360 days to international customers. These insurance policies are relatively inexpensive and require little upkeep, but they do come with a deductible. Because the deductible is often under one hundred percent of the export price, your business will pay off much faster than you would in a traditional bank.

It offers guarantees to banks

A bank guarantees a customer’s payment, in case of inability to meet the deadline. A bank guarantee may be in the form of a personal guarantee or a performance guarantee. A performance guarantee is an assurance from the bank against delays or inadequate service. A bank guarantees a customer’s payment if a creditor fails to meet its obligation to pay the guarantee amount. However, the guarantee is subject to certain conditions.

It has a dedicated climate change policy

The UKEF has a dedicated climate change policy and pledged to achieve net zero operations by 2050. The fund has also pledged to decarbonise its operations and financial portfolio by the same date, and aims to make its PS50 billion export capacity carbon neutral by 2050. UKEF’s climate change policy also aims to encourage others to adopt similar ambitious targets. Here are some of the key aspects of its policy.

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