Bill of Entry – ICEGATE ePayment

Bill of Entry – ICEGATE ePayment, The online electronic bill of entry helps you import and export goods in India. You can pay bills, view shipping bills, and even make customs payments. Since GST applies to both imports and exports, you can use IceGate ePayment to pay customs duty. This way, you can easily track your shipment’s progress and know exactly what’s happening along the way. To get started, click here. But first, let’s review what the bill of entry ICEGATE is.

Bill of Entry - ICEGATE ePayment


The ICEGATE bill of entry is an online document used for the import and export of goods in India. It is the gateway through which importers and exporters can pay bills and shipping bills, and claim input tax credit (ITC) on their products. The ICEGATE bill of entry requires two types of OTPs: non-persistent and authentic. The first one must be provided by the importer, while the latter requires it from the clearing house agent.


ICEGATE portal allows you to process your shipping bill of entry online. To use the portal, you must register yourself first. After you register, you need to provide your email and mobile number, and enter an OTP to confirm the details. Once you enter the details correctly, you will be given your username and password. You can use this login to manage your business accounts and submit or amend your customs documents.


If you’re not familiar with the concept of ICEGATE, it’s a web portal that enables users to track the status of customs bills online. The system offers many benefits to traders, importers and cargo carriers, and allows them to view the status of their imports and exports through one central place. The portal is easy to navigate, and users can access all types of information, including Bill of Entry and tax information, in one convenient place.

Bill of Entry - ICEGATE ePayment

IEC code

The IEC code for bill of entry is a part of the GST parameters, and is used to identify the goods and services imported from and exported from India. These parameters are essential for the efficient administration of GST. To obtain the ICEGATE BOE details, taxpayers must input the correct details after the validation of their GST parameters on the portal. This functionality allows customers to fetch the BOE details within thirty minutes, which is helpful for the creation of Port codes and ICEGATE screenshots.

Self-assessment of duty

ICE GATE enables an Importer to electronically file a Bill of Entry using an electronic signature. The data from the Bill of Entry is transmitted to the RMS for processing and produces an electronic output for the ICES. The output will indicate the action to take and the status of the clearance of the Bill of Entry, and will be used to issue instructions to an appropriate officer.

Changing details on icegate bill of entry

In order to change the details of your ICEGATE Bill of Entry, you have to login to the system. To do this, visit the ICEGATE portal. You can either register yourself or log in using a different email ID or mobile number. To sign in, select “Register” and then follow the instructions that appear on screen. You can even create an account if you do not have a registered email.

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