Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance CD-ROM Review

Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance CD-ROM Review, ıf you are looking for a guide that can teach you the basics of personal finance, consider Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance High School. This book is available on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace where teachers can sell their courses. You can also purchase a Student’s Edition, which includes a CD-ROM. You can learn more about this guide and its various versions in this review.


Designed to empower students to make sound financial decisions, the Foundations in Personal Finance CD-ROM teaches the principles and practices of financial management. With an upbeat and comprehensive tone, the program is a helpful introduction to Dave Ramsey’s approach to money and financial planning. By applying these principles, young people will avoid financial stress and become more financially stable, allowing them to lead a single income lifestyle with less stress and more freedom.

The course is divided into 4 units, each with 3 chapters and three sections. Each unit includes a chapter summary. You can view a sample chapter on the foundations of personal finance website. Although not in full color, student text pages are gray and orange. Chapter and section titles are orange. Student activities are included throughout the course, including journal questions and statistics. Students can reinforce the lessons learned with quizzes at the end of each chapter.

Foundations in Personal Finance features high-energy video lessons to teach essential money management skills. The course addresses the fundamentals of credit, debt, income tax, and investing. You’ll also learn about common money myths and how to pay for post-secondary education. The course also teaches students about common marketing strategies, such as buyer’s remorse. You’ll also learn about taxes and insurance, investments, careers, and retirement. Ultimately, you’ll be prepared to tackle any financial challenge and achieve financial security.

Teacher’s Edition

The Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance Teacher’S Edition includes a CD-ROM with syllabi for both the 45-day and 90-day course. The CD-ROM includes tests, answer keys, and additional activities. A Student Workbook is included with fill-in-the-blank personal finance forms, and case studies from Ask Dave. The teacher’s guide is ideal for a high school economics class.

The homeschool curriculum includes a 160-page soft-cover teacher’s guide and twenty-four lessons with pre-teaching and teaching exercises, case studies, and assessments. The book also includes five DVDs featuring engaging classroom instruction by Ramsey and his staff. It also includes references from the Bible and state standards for financial literacy. The book and DVD set are the perfect accompaniment to your homeschooling class.

The course is not your typical personal finance class. It takes a biblical approach to teaching students about money. It features a variety of fun, high-quality video lessons that help students understand the basics and avoid money mistakes. The teacher’s guide CD-ROM also includes additional resources for classroom use. There are also age-appropriate activities to help students learn about money and build a strong foundation for financial success.

Student’s Edition

The Foundations in Personal Finance student’s edition is a comprehensive curriculum that covers 13 important principles of personal finance. It features engaging video lessons with finance experts, standards-driven content, and educational information designed to meet a variety of learning styles. It is also aligned with state financial literacy standards. For the middle school classroom, this resource is a great choice. Its high-quality content, engaging videos, and 35+ engaging activities will engage students in learning.

The curriculum is a comprehensive, 288-page soft-cover consumable for homeschool students. The curriculum aligns with the National Standards for Financial Literacy and offers age-appropriate activities. It includes a curriculum guide, supplemental teacher resources, and 22 video lessons taught by Ramsey and his team of experts. Students can complete exercises and quizzes to assess their understanding of the topics. In addition to the text, the course is also available in a Middle School Student’s Edition.

The Foundations in Personal Finance course also features review questions at the end of each chapter. The program is also an excellent supplement to a high-school economics course. It provides a unique view of personal finance for high school students. In fact, Dave Ramsey suggests that students have different emergency funds than adults. This course is a great resource for homeschool educators, as it focuses on improving students’ financial habits at an early age. We continue to produce content for you. You can search through the Google search engine.

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