The Benefits of Joining an Export Promotion Council

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The Benefits of Joining an Export Promotion Council, Export Promotion Councils or EPCs help American manufacturers expand their markets in other countries. They help small manufacturers meet new buyers and can arrange delegations to important foreign markets. They also provide timely information to exporters about trade policies, trends, and issues that affect exports. The benefits of joining an EPC are many, and you should find out more about these organizations today. We’ve listed some of the top benefits for exporters in this article.


Two new export promotion councils will oversee India’s woollen exports. The Wool and Woollens Export Promotion Council will be split into two separate bodies, and the Wool Industry Export Promotion Council, or WOOLTEXPRO, will focus on the export promotion of all products from woollen mills. Both the councils will work to promote Indian woollen exports, and WOOLTEXPRO will be charged with overseeing the entire process.

WOOLTEXPRO is an autonomous, non-profit export promotion council sponsored by the Ministry of Textiles and established to facilitate exports. WOOLTEXPRO organizes buyer-seller meetings in India and overseas, arranges foreign delegations to visit India, and works in close liaison with the Woolmark Company. It also implements programmes to improve the production base of Indian woollen mills, and advises mills on export finance and banking.

AEPC provides regular updates on global product trends, trade issues, technology, and industry developments. It also provides regular market research to its members and facilitates participation in international trade fairs. Members have access to updated trade statistics, market intelligence, and other information about India’s competitive advantages. TEXPROCIL also helps its members participate in international trade missions and participate in international trade fairs. The AEPC also works on improving their competitiveness, as well as positioning India in the international marketplace.


TEXPROCIL export promotion council is a leading organization that provides various platforms for the cotton textile industry. The flagship global Reverse Buyer Seller Meet – Ind-Texpo 2022 – aims to facilitate business meetings between international buyers and Indian Exporters. Through this event, India will be showcased as a world-class destination for cotton textile products. Ind-Texpo 2022 is an opportunity for members to showcase their expertise and capabilities to global buyers.

TEXPROCIL Chairman Manoj Patodia thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Ministry of Textiles and Fashion, Commerce and Consumer Affairs for their support. TEXPROCIL Chairman Manoj Patodia expressed his gratitude to the Union Ministers for recognizing the export potential of the cotton textile sector. He added that the textile sector in India is a dynamic and thriving industry and has witnessed an increase in exports.

Founded in 1954, the Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council is a nonprofit organization that promotes Indian cotton textiles abroad. The Council represents approximately 3,000 members that make textile products of all kinds and sell them globally. The Council has a global footprint of more than 200 countries, making it an invaluable resource for India’s cotton textile manufacturers. TEXPROCIL promotes cotton textiles across the value chain and has established the Indian textile industry as a major player in the international market.

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